VK Cricket Academy Uncategorized Why is this India vs Australia series such a fantabulous affair?

Why is this India vs Australia series such a fantabulous affair?

We have grown up seeing some intriguing India vs Australia contests and more wild and intense than this 2020-21 series. Those past series included sledging, and far worse scandals and allegations against each other. Some true to its sense and some only a mis-conceptual affair, but certainly razed off the skins of each team. Whether it is the 2001 series – that included the great Kolkata test with Lakshman’s Marathon innings and Dravid’s softening of fast bowlers, 2003 World Cup final that showed Australia’s dominance on the world bullying and defeating India, 2004-05 Australia’s victory in India that had the stalwarts in the Indian team, and many more intriguing series and games that included equal emotions to that of any India vs Pakistan contest would have had.

In fact, India vs Australia had more competition than that of an India vs Pakistan contest, a competition that tried, tested each and every player’s mettle, determination, stomach for competitiveness and above all their ability to play big boys’ game.

In 2001 series, it was another great comeback by India losing the first test on home soil and looking at other loss already, if not for Lakshman-Dravid marathon that not only saved the game, but eventually winning it and eventually the series. In 2004-05 home series against Australia India had the big names again and there was no way India could have lost that series if not for the Australia’s ability to exploit the spin conditions better than Indians.

In 2018, the last time this Indian team toured Australia, they claimed that was India’s best chance to win a series in Australia, stating absence of Warner-Smith in the batting line up. In the current series, India was razed when they were bowled out to their lowest test score ever. Their captain left right after that loss on personal reasons, their fast bowlers were injured by the hard balls and wearing conditions, their best front line attack was all lost by the time they went to Gabba. Their opponent’s captain teased them saying he was in a hurry to take them to Gabba, their un-breached fortress. From a potential strong XI to a team that needed their net bowlers to step up and play, India had pulled up an unbelievable feat that no team ever had done it so far in Cricket History. All this while the world is shivering in the hands of Covid, in situations where the players had no freedom to move out of their quarantined hotels and locations; when one of the sports administrators and state administrators rudely told them not to come, of they don’t comply to the rules; when their opponents where licking their lips assuming this team wouldn’t want to go to Gabba.

Can we say this to be greatly avenged series not just winning once but twice, that too back to back ?

It is definitely equivalent to Iron Man’s Snap after fighting, scratching and finally snatching the “Stones Gauntlet” in the Marvel’s Avengers.

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