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VK Cricket Academy is a recognized cricket academy under USA Cricket, the cricket board of USA

VK Cricket Academy is all about enjoying, pursuing and being part of one of the world’s oldest and great sports — Cricket.

At VK Cricket Academy, Fun and Learning go hand-in-hand. 

Aspiring cricketers are our motivation and, in their improvement, lies our satisfaction. 

We dream of nurturing the talents we scout.

01. Development Program/Rookie League

As part of the ongoing development program of the academy, we conduct amateur leagues including Rookie League for beginners, where kids without cricket background can come and participate. 

We train the kids first and conduct the tournament  to showcase their talents.

We also volunteer at schools to introduce the game to our next generation and provide them an opportunity to learn and pursue what could be the next big sport in US.

For more details and introductory classes, contact us.

02. Cricket For the Girls

As part of the development programs, we have an ongoing Girls Cricket Program for different age groups. We believe Girls have a great future in cricket, unlike most other famous team sports and we support as well as train Girls, equally with our boys.

We identify talent and nurture them to further levels with our recognized and fun-filled coaching efforts.

For further details, please contact us.

03. Professional / Advanced Coaching Program

Our advanced/professional coaching program is
focused primarily on the player’s interests and will constitute training men & women for skills, physical fitness, mental coaching required to pursue cricket as a professional sport. Additionally, as part of this program we have foreign tours program, collaborated with academics/institutions in India, Australia, South Africa and the West Indies.


Trained with/under Gary Kirsten himself, our coaching personnel is certainly credible/have the necessary credentials to coach/train both men and women along with the youth.



For further details please contact us.

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After I saw my son Vikash’s interest in Cricket, I was looking for an academy that has the vision to take my son to train with a long-term goal. I then luckily found VK Cricket academy and talked to coach Sravan about my expectations.
After hearing his Vision and strategy, I choose to opt for VK Cricket academy for my son’s cricket coaching and I started witnessing the results in a month. Coach Sravan, has a big passion for bringing the kids as professional cricketers. Beyond coaching the game skills, Sravan trains the kids to plan their game, find their strengths, and teaches sportsmanship.
I wish him all the best to succeed in bringing good cricketers.



We moved to Fremont from out of state. Before we even found a rental house, we settled on the Cricket club for our 9 year old. Coach Sravan is friendly and welcoming. Though our kid has not played cricket before, the coach was able to spot the talent right on the first week and moved him to the right level along with a similarly talented group. The coach is fully committed and it shows up in his efforts on / off the field, his ability to run the tournaments etc. Highly recommend VK Cricket Academy and Coach Sravan for all levels and age groups!

Siva Raman


coach has a great relationship with the children

I would like to share my recent experience With VK Cricket Academy. They provide the best cricket coaching for children of all ages under Vast Experience and outstanding coaching by Mr. Sravan. He is excellent with the children, always positive, encouraging, and supportive of all. The children have progressed rapidly. They have noticed how much their skills have improved and so have we. It has had a great impact on confidence and self-esteem. The coach has a great relationship with the children. They look forward to working with him to learn Cricket Skills, Self-discipline, Team Players, and respectable person.

Vinoth Kumar


highly recommend for anyone looking to start cricket coaching

I highly recommend VKCRICKETACADEMY for anyone looking to start cricket coaching for their kids. To begin with, Coach takes a personal assessment for all new kids to assess their skillset and provides detailed feedback on where they stand and what can be done next steps. During sessions, the coach works on their technical skills in all areas depending on their expertise. For beginners, it is very important to understand the game so matches are played internally to get an overall idea. It is not where we are now but the coach encourages everyone to THINK BETTER and believe in their best. I personally have seen few kids in this academy under Coach’s guidance who have developed their skills to the next level, as the coach is always thinking about his team members.

Ramanna Hosmani


My son aiming to become an all-rounder!!

I still remember the beginning of VKCricket academy in 2018 where I heard about cricket coaching by Sravan and joined my son.
The kind of passion and interest shown towards coaching and encouraging the kids is enormous, my son has been learning and made good progress in bowling and batting, aiming to become an all-rounder.

I truly appreciate the coach for his vision to take these kids to the next level with his planning and execution!

Also, I am very glad to associate with VKCricket academy, and all the best to the coach and kids (upcoming cricketers)!

Bhaskara Nemuri

“My son can’t wait for Sunday’s coach”

My son (Koushik) can’t wait for Sunday’s after he joined VK Cricket Academy. Coach Sravan spends a lot of time with each and every kid and focuses on weaknesses of each child. My kid enjoys learning cricket and has shown lot of improvement within few months. Undoubtedly Coach Sravan is very dedicated, professional and knowledgeable in all areas. My kid goes to other sports as well and all games or classes end before given stipulated time but Sravan never sees the clock by which clearly is evident that he is running academy for his passion for cricket. He always teaches students on the diet and fitness in addition to teaching cricket skills. I applaud coach for the great work he has done for my son in making cricket an enjoyable and a wonderful experience.

Srinivasa Seshala

Kaushik's Father